ISSMA Solo & Ensemble Manuals

ISSMA Solo & Ensemble Manuals

Welcome to the ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Manuals Download Area. Each manual is updated every few years. As each manual is revised, we will make them available for download at this location. Please stop by here in the near future to be able to download the latest manuals.

 Brass S&E Manual 
Note: Due to the implementation of the revised Percussion Solo adjudication sheet beginning with the 2022-23 school year, all information regarding Percussion Solo Events on pages 5-13 in the Percussion Manual is no longer applicable. Information regarding Drum Set Patterns, Scales and Arpeggios, Timpani Rolls and Rudiments found on page 31-41 are included for educational and reference purposes only. Demonstration of these elements is no longer a requirement for Percussion Solo Events.
 Percussion S&E Manual
            Percussion Audio and Video Examples
 Piano S&E Manual
 String S&E Manual
 Vocal S&E Manual
 Woodwind S&E Manual  
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